In the summer of 2005 a small group meeting in a home began to share common concerns they had for their kids.

This common burden turned into an idea to form a new church. Others were invited to join and the church held their first meeting on October 2005 in a home. Close to 20 people attended that first meeting and soon the group grew to 50 people meeting in the Morrison’s Barn.

David Hudson, the senior pastor, joined the church in December of 2005 and put his church planting experience to work.



Waypoint Community held its first public meeting on Easter Sunday, 2006 in the cafeteria of the old Heritage Middle School. Waypoint was a trailer hauling portable church setting up every Sunday morning. Children’s ministry was done mostly in the gymnasium and a Teen ministry was launched called the Barn which continued to meet at Morrison’s Barn.

That summer Waypoint held its first Baptism and many students were a part of this first key event.



In October 2007 Waypoint moved to the Boys and Girls Club of Middlebury where we set up every weekend. The new location allowed Waypoint to begin using more interactive tools in the services and provided a more kid friendly environment with rooms that were designed with kids in mind in the first place. We added two full-time roles allowing for ministry to be accomplished and for a foundation to be built for the future.


2012 - 2013

Construction for our permanent home began in the spring of 2012 at our current location. We moved into our new space on December 16th, 2012 and held our grand opening on February 2013. Waypoint began adding rooms for children almost immediately. The hang out room and playground room were added to take pressure off the swelling kids rooms.


2014 - 2015

It was determined in 2014 that the growing need was to support our youth group that once split into high school and middle school began to average 100 students. So we asked and raised money to begin construction, which was completed in under 7 months. This room is now the most used space in our facility, hosting youth, adult events and studies, and even an additional weekend service. From 2012-2015 Waypoint has sent close to 100 people on mission trips every year and have continued to find ways to serve the community.



In 2016 we started working on some of our plans for the property that God placed in our care. On one corner of the 36.5 acres we built a pavillion, playground and completed a sports field. Our plans to use these areas for students and community were the inspiration for those projects.



In 2017 Waypoint baptized 26 people and our ministry continues to connect with many more. We continue looking forward to the new chapters God will write with our community.



In 2018 Waypoint was blessed with the opportunity to start an outreach in the form of it's very own Daycare. TinyTown was created, and shortly after, so was our after school program for older kids. As the ministry continues to grow we are looking forward to even bigger things that God has planned in our future!

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