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Waypoint has been immensely blessed to have a brand new building for our church to meet in. We encourage the community to make use of what we have. Just fill out the appropriate form by selecting it on the left side. When you hit send, we’ll get a notification and will contact you for further information.

Helping families of Waypoint on their journey with moral support, financial advice, and assistance with the goal of removing any obstacle that prevents a meaningful relationship with Christ.

If you would like assistance, please fill out the form and the Compassion Team will discuss the best way we can offer assistance, then we will contact you. Your information will be kept in strict confidence.

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Waypoint has been blessed with amazing people who deeply care about the next generation of pastors, directors, and leaders. If you're interested in joining our internship program in the upcoming school year, fill out this form to let us know.

While we intend for this program to satisfy the needs of a potential college graduate within their respective areas of education, the internship program could be made available to non-students if certain criteria are met. We hope to hear from you soon!

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